hell this cat knows how to throw a party

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wait for it

are pugs even real

i didnt even have to wait for it
reblog because pugs

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I only want to wear underwear and a crown all day

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my doctor told me to eat more taco bell

well actually he said “less mcdonalds” but i’m pretty sure i know what he meant

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George R.R. Martin, A Clash of Kings

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AW I love Baby Glitter!! She’s so precious!

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"Don’t you stop. Don’t you dare give up. Not even for a moment. Even through the worst of times you can feel Him. Do not stop yourself. Help is always there. Comfort is always there. Christ is always there. Not ever will He leave. Not once. Not even for a second. Turn to Him. Trust. Listen. Keep going always. And receive the best ever created for you. You can do this. And it will be greater than you ever could have imagined for yourself. And you will look back and be blown away and left speechless with the direction your life has gone in."

— Al Fox (Promised & Committed)

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"Faith is accepting that you may not understand everything, but know that God will direct you to what He wants for your life."

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